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If you are into SEO or search engine optimisation, then you will eagerly about the use of private blog network. In most cases, if the people are willingly peddling their links that is to be provided for ranking purposes from their network, it is known as public blog network. However, if the blog network is used for ranking purposes, but is not available to a lot of people, then it can be truly called is the private blog network. It is the use of the private blog network that people will be able to witness an enormous amount of boost to their money website ranking. The best part about making use of such tender blog network is that it can actually be a very good enhancement to the amount of ranking that you have on the current state. It could actually be a part of your link building strategy, and what’s more important is that you will be able to witness a noticeable increase in rankings. The best feature about private blog network is that it shall not be accessible to the people outside. This means that it will only be dedicated to your service, and it is very important that you get to realise about the feasibility of such kind of service.

So, what other things you need to do in order to get the best possible private blog network for your service?

The first thing you need to do is to find out quality domain names. There are a lot of important domains that you could actually find this by visiting the different expired domains category registrars, or visiting the different auction portfolio for different kinds of domain registrars. By doing so, you’ll definitely be able to get a good understanding on the existing link profile of the domain, as well as the age of the domain and whether this actually has a very good and clean back links history or not. By looking into the backing history, you’ll actually be able to understand whether this particular website has been used for any kind of spam purposes, or whether it has any sort of content that may be frowned upon by the search engines. With that in question, it is very important for you to move onto the next step, which involves how you can actually find out about quality domains.

To build your private blog network, it is very important for you to look into getting the correct resources. In that aspect, it is very important for you to find out quality domains, which may have expired, or auctioned for your own feasibility. It allows you to actually understand the feasibility of the domains, and what you could possibly do in order to gain a corrective understanding. With that in mind, it is very important of you to understand about how you can go about acquiring high-quality domains, and what you can do in order to get them in your grasp. With the help of websites like expired domains, you’ll actually be able to get the best possible feasibility on choosing the expired domain that can match your criteria. Now, you need to understand that most of the expired domains do not have feasibility on the domain ranking, these are just plain domains that have actually got a variety of back link choose associated with them, but they have been let go by their Webmasters.

The application of the filters that are to be found in expired domains can actually give you a good understanding on what you need to find out in a particular domain. You need to let go of the fake page rank, and also make sure that you don’t go for a negative page rank. These are the two important filters that you need to tick and then conduct the appropriate amount of search. So, with this particular filter in place, you’ll definitely be able to get through your selection of domain names, and then you can make your obvious choice which can actually be a very feasible aspect for the day-to-day choices and understanding is that you could possibly employ in your free time.

Overall, it is also important for you to understand about choosing the right kind of domain names. If it is something that is related to fashion, while your money site is something that is related to dogs, then the link choose may not have the same kind of effect. Hence, it is also important for you to choose authority domains and premium domains that have actually had a somewhat feasible aspect and is close to the category that you’re actually having the money site on. There are also a lot of quality page rank websites that you could pick up next to nothing, however, it is also important for you to realise that they may have already lost their back links, and they are seemingly worthless in the eyes of the people. So, when you’re actually choosing a quality domain, it is very important for you to realise that you will be able to gain the feasibility of the domain names, and you’ll always be able to bring about the requisite amount of changes to that particular domain without having to worry about any sort of problems whatsoever.

So what you think makes a very good premium domain. It is mainly to do with the authority and the relevance that is to be found in a premium domain. If your category is somewhat similar to the authority or premium domain, then you definitely landed on a piece of gold. You need to nurture it, and you need to make sure that the back link that is to be provided from such premium domains can actually count for the increase in ranking of your website. However, if the category is not somewhat similar, or at least close to your given category, then you’re actually going to have a very hard time in trying to get the rank to increase with the back link profile of that particular website.

Another thing that you need to do while your mind domain is to make sure that you can actually get them from relevant categories, to ensure that you will be able to get the best possible feasibility of the back link. If you find that most of the posts have actually got extremely good images, videos, as well as a lot of meta tags that may be found within the website, then it is very important and a very feasible aspect for you to choose that particular domain. Also, you can go through the back link profile by making use of open site Explorer, which is a free metric calculation website. They will be able to provide you with an update on the page rank, the domain authority, the page authority, as well as all the back link profile that you could find from that particular domain name. This will enable you to choose wisely, before you can actually integrate that domain name into your private blog network.

Now, comes the options and opinions on the different kinds of pricing. To be honest, most of the people are nowadays looking into the pricing of a particular domain based upon the page rank. You need to understand that page rank is obsolete, and not at all a very good metric for you to depend on when selecting a particular domain. Prices and the give and valuations of domains are constantly changing, and it is not something a very feasible aspect for you to judge the pricing of a domain based on the metrics of page rank. So, you need to quickly understand the valuation of the domain, and ensure that will be actually be able to bring about the required amount of changes to it. So, it is important for you to understand that they will be able to gain access to the best possible feasibility of your domain only if they have a very good back link profile, and the domain authority is very good. For a good domain authority, a benchmark of about 30+ is necessary. The same can be told about the page authority as well. If these criteria can be met, it is very important that you make use of it at the earliest.

Next comes the factor of registering the domain with the different registrars. It is always important for you to mix up the domain registrars, make sure that they are of a variety of domain registrars that you can find. Also, it is important for you to enter fake registration details, so that you do not get caught up having a single profile so that you will be able to expose your blog network. It is always important for you to realise that doing this step can enable you to get your blog network to work for a long period of time, without the risk of exposure. However, if you do not undertake this particular step, you will be ratted out by your own misgivings.

The next thing when it comes to blog network would be the hosting. You need to always make use of the unique class C IP’s, so that you will be able to rank extremely high in Google. Nowadays, due to the recent algorithm changes, you would find that Google has been able to undertake the unique aspect of giving preference to websites that have actually got very good hosting services. So, it is very important that you always have a particular website hosted on an entirely different class C IP than the rest of your private blog network. The more unique the website sounds, the least problem will you actually have about getting your entire private blog network deindexed. This is a reality, whereby people have actually used a lot of shared hosting, and found out that their entire private blog network was in the sandbox within a span of a few hours.

It is always better for you to stay away from all the hosting solutions that call themselves the ideal aspect for private blog network. Most of the hosting solutions of this nature have already been blacklisted by the major search engines, and they continue to do so, to all the websites that tend to host in such kind of an IP. So, exercise your due diligence, and always make sure that you will be able to avoid attention to yourself and take care of all the footprints at all costs.

The next thing you need to do is to install the blogging or the website platform to your domain. It is also important for you to use diversify platforms, so do not always stick to WordPress. You could use HTML, Joomla, magento and a lot of other blogging platforms for the diversification of your blog network. By doing so, you’ll definitely be able to remain exclusive in the eyes of Google. It is very important that you follow this process, or else you will not be able to get a private blog network to work for you.

Next, you need to write content and make sure that it is diversify. Add images, video, visual reference, whenever you feel like it. However, make sure that all the content is not written by the same person, or the same format of content is followed all throughout the different websites in the private blog network. This will actually leave a footprint, which can be easily latched onto.

Next, you need to take care of the link building; you need to make sure that linking to your money site is to be done in the drip feed manner. The technique is that you would only be adding about 4 to 5 links on a daily basis, and doing so till the time that you have actually exhausted your private blog network. This way, you’ll definitely be able to witness a noticeable boost in your rankings within a matter of a couple of weeks.

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